Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hot Glue & Ric Rac

Kristine, turn away from the post. It shows the package coming on Wednesday. I know, I suck. You are at work & desperately in need of some distraction to get you through some mind-numbingly dull review or regulation. I haven't posted all week. Well, read on, but be prepared to have your surprise ruined. 

All others, feel free to move forward without concern.

'Tis the season when my artsy-fartsy genes truly kick in. I come by it honestly. I have vivid memories of the blinking lights, wrapped with metallic garland, framing the mirror of my grandma's guest bathroom. I remember trying to make sure I washed all the food off my face between the static cling Santa figures. SO miss that lady. 

This is the wreath on our front door that I made when MiniMe was in-utero. The stereotypical holly & berry wreaths just seem so wrong here in the tropics. Considering our neighbors make fun of our house, calling it the 'Key West House' due to it's color, I think it fits. We haven't painted our house since we bought it, so apparently someone else thought it was a nice color. Whatever, windbags.  The wreath. We love it. Styrofoam balls wrapped in polyester thread, plastic bead garland with bells, hot glue. All that's missing is some foam curlers & a Virginia Slim.

These are more hot glue creations. The first was also made while MiniMe was in utero, but we stored it in the attic that first year where the heat was so hot the glue melted & I had to reconstruct it the following year. Some of the original ornaments were too far gone, so I came up with the idea of adding the admittedly random ribbon at the bottom. We like it. Our living space is largely blues & greens, so the typical Christmas themes clash too much for our tastes. 

The second I made for MiniMe's room last year, because she really liked the first one I made, & honestly, I just love gumdrops & wanted an excuse to use that garland. 

I have to take a second to whine about my kid. I told her I wasn't going to be putting the tree in her room until it was clean & it took over 3 days for her to get her shit together enough to help me get it done. She is going through a helpless phase where I have to show her 17 times how to do something over & over without ripping things from her hands & doing it myself. Lots. Of. Liquor. Thank GOD my innards have recovered from food poisoning & I can drink again. I am in no way that naturally patient & she knows it. 

I may be making another one this year from cheap bulbs I got last year, but we'll see. 

I kind-of have my hands full with sewing. This is the first of the Christmas jumpers. I realise now that I never explained the origin of the Christmas jumper. See, here it is still like 80-something-degrees in December & therefore way too hot for any kind of traditional Christmas garb. I thought about starting my own company of Christmas t-shirts, tank tops & the like when my friend Kristi moved back to The States from Sweden. She moved back to TN, where it is only slightly warmer than MI, where we grew up. She was all "!!!!!" about trying to have Christmas where it's over 40 degrees. We joked about the Christmas 'wife beater'. Well, after much searching, I decided to make my own fricken Christmas dress for MiniMe that would be just as she wanted & not, you know, velvet. 

This one is, again, Hello Kitty, for Morgan, Kristine's daughter. I had to make hers' first because it has to be mailed to AL. I wasn't happy with the way the neckline is laying because I didn't use interfacing, I sewed the ric rac between the lining & flannel. Usually I just sew the trim on after the thing is done, but Morgan is only 1 & ric rac can be itchy. Plus, you would think after making so many of the damn thing I'd have it down by now. Apparently I'm not as good as I think I am. 

I'm going to be finishing off MiniMe's Christmas jumpers (yes, two. She IS a Gemini) sometime soon, if she doesn't drive me to drink to the point I end up sewing my finger. I sound like a fricken pirate.

& no, I am not one of those sickos that tries to match the actual tree to the decor. I do have a number of blue ornaments, but we also have mostly traditional, more emphasis on the where-it-came-from type. I'm not THAT sick, people!


goddard099 said...

Ooooo so you finally post again afte I assume figuring out your beautiful new Mac and you ask me to look away?!!! Well that ain't happenin' sista. Actually the benefit of me lookng at work is well now that I can access your blog, even with the "websense block" thingy in the background I still can't see any pictures. Arg!! Man drinking would be nice somedays but momo is still on the tap at night so i can't indulge to heavily. soon though I forsee. She is into the soy/whole milk 50/50 combo and I think she is starting to prefer it over me....Happy and sad....

I am looking forward to getting the mail now. I have been thinking about sending some piggy paint your way for minime unless of course you already have her cubbard stacked full...

hoppytoddle said...

Piggy paint? You mean, for toes? I don't even paint mine! Is it that non-toxic, safe stuff? Well, red is her favorite color...

LOVE that yo have read but not seen the pics!

& I'm realizing that I need to clarify that I really only drink like every 3 days & it's never more than 2 drinks over 6 hours. People will start to wonder.

Momo wants you to be able to drink before she becomes as opinionated as MiniMe. said...

Having creative skills is always beneficial during the holiday season. You can make your own decorations, clothes and gifts! Thanks for sharing.

goddard099 said...

ooo...Red is Momos favorite color as well. In fact I got her a little vera bradley purse in scarlet that she picked out in the store!! package arrived yea! I did cheat and look at the pictures at home. So happy to have such a generous friend!!!

I love your christmas deco, that looks awesome and perfectly tropical!!

tiggy said...

Um, just how clever ar you?
Very, I'd say!

Those baby trees are magnificent and I love the wreath!